About Us

We create conversations on and over good cups of specialty craft coffee from off-the-wall countries.

Conversation. Like many great things, our story started with a simple conversation about coffee — the happiness it brings whenever or however you take it and the curious delight in finding out how beans and cups come to be. In that conversation, Roast Society was officially established by Yoshi Derousseau.



Beans and Beyond

Roast Society aims to be a trusted creator of craft coffee drinks and provider of top quality roasted and unroasted coffee beans from off-the-wall countries across the globe. It is important for us to highlight that there are more sources of excellent quality single-origin and blended coffee beans available for the market to experience and enjoy. These will come from countries including the Philippines, Japan, Australia, Singapore, and India. Popular coffee beans from Central America, South America, Africa, Indonesia, and others will be secondary offerings for consumers. 

Bringing these to the market, we make it available in a quaint, homey cafe located in Portland, Oregon and online at https://roastsociety.net/ so customers can create an enjoyable, unique, craft coffee experience at home.

It does not stop there. Roast Society goes beyond the beans by sharing the stories of the countries and the farmers that cultivate them. By doing this, it creates spaces for their businesses to grow along with ours. 

Conversations over Coffee

Since it started with a conversation, we want to share that too and create a curious and caring coffee community where we share stories behind different coffee beans from across the globe, a society that learns more about the creativity and science of all things coffee. We will take everyone on a coffee journey to experience the culture and heritage that goes from bean to cup.